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Green Room

What is The Green Room?

The Green Room is the name given to Comberton Village College’s specialist centre for students requiring additional support with their learning.  These needs vary from student to student; they may be emotional, social, or behavioural, which result in the young person not coping well with certain aspects of school life.  Although the facility is called the “Green Room”, it is based in a multi-purpose building (Youth Centre) next to the main school site.  The building has the following facilities:

  • Separate work areas
  • A kitchen allowing students to have cooking lessons as well as preparing meals in the day
  • Utility area with washing machine and tumble dryer
  • An office
  • Computers to complete class and homework
  • Outdoor space with basketball hoop and bench

What do the students do?

Students follow the same curriculum and lessons as other learners.  Their timetable may be slightly modified to support the young person through a personalised timetable.  Some students receive additional support with their learning in the Green Room through individual or small group learning.  The Green Room also aims to provide further opportunities beyond the main school. This may happen individually, in pairs or in small groups. 

The Green Room Family Ethos

In order for the students to make the best possible progress the Green Room tries to operate as a caring family, supporting and encouraging each person.  Like most families, there are certain expectations of the members – these are based on mutual care and respect for one another; looking out for and looking after one another.

The young people are expected to ‘pitch-in’ and do their bit.  This may mean making a cup of tea for someone else or listening to another person.  Just like family life, there are highs and lows together.  The Green Room is part of the main college; if a student ‘gets it wrong’ he/she faces the same sanctions as any other student.  Just like other students, if things go well, there are numerous rewards and prizes.

How are the Students referred to The Green Room?

All Green Room students are referred by their Heads of Year or other members of pastoral care at Comberton.  Usually the young person will have had an IBP (Individual Behaviour Plan).  In some cases students are referred by other local secondary schools – these are usually short-term visits of between 2 weeks and a term.

All students in the Green Room have regular reviews of their Individual Alternative Education Plan with their keyworker and their parents/carers.

The Green Room Team

Behaviour and Inclusion Co-ordinator
Sharon Baker

Designated Safeguarding lead

Sean Pollock  


Work with external agencies

The Green Room works very closely with the District Team who provide extra support in the form of Educational Welfare, Young People’s Workers, Family Support or In School Support.  To assess this type of support, students need to have been assessed using the Early Help Assessment (EHA).  We also work closely the Police, Social Care, voluntary agencies (such as Centre 33), and Educational Psychologists.