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Consultation on proposed changes to the catchment area of Everton Heath Primary School

1st October 2018

Affecting Sandy Secondary School, Potton Middle School, Biggleswade Academy, Comberton Village College and Stratton Upper School.

This consultation paper sets out the rationale for, and implications of, proposed changes to the catchment area of Everton Heath Primary School (EHPS) which falls under Central Bedfordshire Council. The school recently became a full primary school and following this, on the 1st September 2018, joined The Cam Academy Trust.  Given this, it is proposed that parents of pupils attending EHPS are given the very best possible options for secondary education and given the choice to attend Comberton Village College, which falls under the Cambridgeshire County Council.  Comberton Village College is an academy of The Cam Academy Trust and rated as Outstanding by Ofsted.

EHPS is in close proximity to Gamlingay Village Primary School which is also an academy of The Cam Academy Trust.  Local families from surrounding villages have actively shown that they would welcome the opportunity to send their children to Comberton Village College from Year 7. It is the closest secondary school within The Cam Academy Trust that has potential space to add a further named catchment Primary School and a natural progression for those families wishing to pursue education in Cambridgeshire and within the Trust. This will give reassurance to families that the education journey for their child will be consistent and with smooth transition at only one point in their child’s education. Primary and Secondary Schools within The Cam Academy Trust work extremely closely together in order to ensure high levels of educational and curriculum continuity for all children in all of its schools. This includes staff working across educational phases. For the sake of ongoing high-quality education and the smoothest of transitions for pupils from Primary to Secondary, we thus seek for Primary Schools in our Trust to feed into Secondary Schools in our Trust if at all possible. Living on the border of two counties, our families will be able to choose to transfer to either the Sandy Central Bedfordshire Cluster or the Cambridgeshire education system.

We believe that schools should be based around communities and the unique needs of their learners. We want to ensure continuity and breadth of provision across the whole age range, from birth to leaving education, creating a ‘one phase’ approach to learning - 0-19 years. This is core to the educational approach of The Cam Academy Trust.

The opportunity for our children to attend Comberton Village College will help

to promote the diversity of provision offered in Central Bedfordshire to increase opportunities for parental choice.

This change will not significantly affect local schools as Everton Heath Primary School only has a PAN of 10 pupils for each Year group.  Comberton Village College has enough space to accommodate these extra numbers with no risk to those children already in the catchment area of Comberton Village College.

Central Bedfordshire Council will not provide transport to Comberton Village College from Everton. However, local buses in the Potton and Gamlingay areas could be utilised.  Children are also transported from Gamlingay Village Primary (on transport provided by Cambridgeshire County Council) and arrangements for shared transport will be sought.

The proposal will apply to admission arrangements for September 2020.

The consultation period will run between the 1st October 2018 and 31st January 2019.  We are inviting responses to this consultation by 17th February 2019.

Parents can respond to this consultation by emailing

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