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Arts at CVC

Arts Award at Comberton – the qualification that rewards your love of the arts

Arts Award aims to inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible. It is a nationally recognised qualification: Arts Award works in a similar way to the Duke of Edinburgh Award with Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. We have had a number of students from CVC achieve their Bronze award, and currently have students working towards their Silver and Gold. There are Arts Award advisors in almost every arts department.

Performing arts, visual arts, literature, media and multimedia.

If you would like more information about the Arts Award, please contact: Miss Bristow or Mrs Harris 

Arts Award Admin & Support

Miss Jude Bristow - Arts Award leader

Mrs Claire Harris - Arts Award administrator


Visit the Arts Award website for more details and case studies from across the UK

There is also an Arts Award e-magazine to explore:

What Do I Need to Do?

Arts Award Opportunities:

Part A: Explore the arts as a participant

Take part in one or more arts activity, e.g:

  • Any performing/creative arts clubs
  • Any of the Activities Week items marked with the Arts Award logo
  • School productions – e.g. Spamalot, music concert, etc. (whether you’re in the production or going to see it, this can be used in your Arts Award)
  • CVC Tech Team – join the CVC tech team to get hands on experience of running lights, sound, making props, scenery and stage management 

Part B: Explore the arts as an audience member

If you are going on a trip to an art exhibition or show then you can use this for this part of the Arts Award. Also if you are going to a gig or show with family and friends then you can write about your experience here.  As mentioned above, going to any school production or exhibition counts!

Part C: Arts Inspiration

Write about your arts hero or heroine - you can get help and advice on this by contacting one of the Arts Award advisors: research their creative background and work, and explain how they have inspired you.

Part D: Arts Skill Share

Assist a professional arts leader in a workshop by leading a short task within the workshop and writing it up or share an arts skill by leading a short workshop or activity to demonstrate your skills to others. Sometimes you can do this during an arts lesson or at an after school club. The key thing is to record how you deliver the workshop and ask people how the workshop went. It could be that you create a ‘vlog’ – the Arts Award digital portfolio tool/app could be ideal for this: 

What level am I working at?

The level comparisons are useful to get an idea of the type and size of the qualifications, but getting an Arts Award says something unique about the skills you have gained in creativity, communication, leadership and art form development.
You can start Arts Award at any level and it doesn’t matter what level qualifications you have done before, what is most important is that the level of Arts Award fits with your current learning and development.   


Qualification title

Qualification number

Guided learning hours

Independent learning hours          

Total qualification time


Level 1 Award in the Arts (KS3)


40 hours

20 hours

60 hours


Level 2 Award in the Arts (KS4)


60 hours

35 hours

95 hours


Level 3 Certificate in the Arts (KS5)


90 hours

60 hours

150 hours

As a guide for understanding which Arts Award level is right for you, Bronze is considered to be pre-GCSE standard (KS3), and Silver Arts Awards is considered to have the same level of difficulty as GCSE (but smaller in size).  The Gold Award is at the same standard as A-levels but is the size of half an AS level.

For more information and support there are some websites that can help you:

Don’t forget to check the resources on CombertonLearn via the portals on this website!