Comberton Village College


Open Evening 2016 Quiz and Answers


How many badminton courts are there in the Sports Hall?

Answer: 4

Which colour lines are the basketball markings in the Sports Hall?

Answer: Black


What is the name of the professional dance work playing on the TV in the dining hall?

Answer: Perfect

What styles of dance are taught in the after school programme?

Answer: Street, Commercial, Jazz and Contemporary

What style of Dance is taught in year 7?

Answer: Bollywood


What word protects the work of creators? (see posters)

Answer: Copyright

How is the fiction organised in the library?

Answer:  By Genre

Modern Foreign Languages

What is the Spanish for I have an idea?

Answer: Tengo una idea

Which three languages can you see on the classroom walls in ML6? Which colour represents each language?

Answer: Spanish (yellow), French (blue) & German (red)

Design and Technology

In design and technology what is meant by the terms CAD and CAM?

Answer: Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacture

Which vitamin do we need for healthy eyes and skin?’

Answer: Vitamin A


Look at the display in the English corridor outside EN3 – who ‘cannot live without books’?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

What is the name of the pistol on the display in EN3?

Answer: a Luger


What does DNA stand for?

Answer: Deoxyribonucleic acid

What colour do sodium compounds glow when they get hot?

Answer: Yellow/orange

What is the name of the electricity generator?

Answer: Van de Graaf generator


What is the capital of Ethiopia?

Answer: Addis Ababa

What is the name of the sea between Romania and Turkey?

Answer: Black Sea

Art & Design

Behind the teacher desk in Art 2 there is a street art portrait using video parts and collage. What is the name of the famous portrait that this is based on?

Answer: Mona Lisa

What word has been sprayed in large letters on the cupboard doors in Art 3?

Answer: Skill


How would the word ‘Maths’ be spelt using a Caesar 5 shift code?

Answer: RFYMX

How can you make the number 3 using exactly 4 fours?

Answer: (4+4+4)/4

Computer Science

Which programming software has jigsaw pieces and a cat?


How many Computer Science rooms are used by the department?

Answer:  Five


What unusual delicacy would Pompeian people eat?

Answer: Field mice

What type of cake was popular in the 12th Century, which you can sample in the history department?

Answer: Medieval gingerbread

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

How many world religions do we study at Comberton?

Answer: 6

What is philosophy about?

Answer: The beliefs people have


Outside the Drama Studio (Dr1), how does Gary Oldman answer the question ‘How do you remember all those lines’?

Answer:  ‘By forgetting everything else!’

What is the name of this year’s musical?

Answer: Sweeney Todd


How many music clubs practise each week?

Answer: 11

What instrument is the artwork inside the front entrance made from?

Answer: Keyboard