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International Talent Evening

12th October 2017

Students in 7V will have the privilege of wearing their own clothes tomorrow while the rest of the school is in uniform after winning the annual Year 7 Spanglovision competition.

All tutor groups in Year 7 learned and performed a pop song in Spanish for Wednesday night’s International Talent Evening with the winners earning the prize of a non-uniform day.

Judged by Head of Year Sean Pollock and Assistant Head of Year Grace Healy on their knowledge of the lyrics and the confidence and fun they brought to their performance, 7V, taught by Paula Vasquez-Valero and Rachel Hawkes, took top spot ahead of 7T and 7E.

Their performance of R. City’s Locked Away was judged to be the stand-out performance of a busy evening which saw separate performances from the X and Y halves of the year and also included individual readings and poetry in students’ home languages.

Dr Hawkes, The Cam Academy Trust’s Director of International Education, said: “It was not easy for the judges. All the groups were very good and deserve congratulating.”

The evening also raised more than £150 for Syrian child refugees from a raffle among spectating friends and families.




Rachel Hawkes and 

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