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Eco Team

On 30th November 2020, the Comberton Village College community officially declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

This means that we, the CVC community:

  • Acknowledge the scientific indicators (e.g. IPCC reports on warming and UN reports on loss of biodiversity) and consequences of economic growth.
  • Accept the urgency of the situation: if we have a real chance of tackling these issues, we must take urgent and immediate action.
  • Acknowledge that, as an educational community, we must prioritise efforts to develop students who are empowered and able to become positive sustainable citizens.

At our school our key aim is to:

  • Get students informed and empowered to act on the climate/ecological emergency at both local and national levels.

The three areas staff and students voted as key priorities were:

  • Integrating climate change topics into the curriculum throughout all departments.
  • Striving to make our school campus and activities as ecologically friendly as possible.
  • Helping our students put pressure on organisations and the government to address the climate/ecological crisis.

The Comberton Village College EcoTeam blog has arrived: