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ParentPay - Parent Login

Bromcom - Parents access My Child At School (MCAS). Parents' guide is here.

Bromcom - Student Portal.  More information about using the student portal is here on the Bromcom website.

Go4Schools - Pupils log in  (currently not in  use)

Go4Schools - Parents' log in  (currently not in  use)

Email (Office 365)


Parent Evening System – Parent log in 

(Parent evening parent guide can be found to the left of this page)



Email (Office 365)

Staff Remote Access


Bromcom - staff

Go4Schools - Staff

Parents Evening System – Staff Login

Support Pages for Staff

Behaviour Box

BROMCOM (Student Portal and MCAS)

The College uses a system called Bromcom to assign homework and track pupil progress. Parents have access to Bromcom either through a website or a mobile app (MCAS). Pupils currently have access via the Student Portal website. Pupils will create their account as part of their introductory computer science lessons. Parents’ accounts will be set up using the email addresses from the registration form.

Any questions about accessing our systems can  be sent to

The system allows pupils and parents to:

  • View their timetable
  • View and keep track of their homework tasks
  • View behaviour logs

The behaviour log information is directly linked to our Positive Behaviour policy and therefore stores information relating to both rewards and sanctions for your child.

Contacting the School

Our staff place respect and courtesy at the heart of our relationship with parents, carers and students. We value communication from parents. We will always endeavour to communicate respectfully and appropriately with parents and carers and expect that this is the manner in which they will communicate with staff at school. The school will not accept any form of abuse or threatening behaviour towards staff.

Communication by email is the preferred method for contacting teachers and staff in school. Teachers want to respond to parental queries at the earliest opportunity and will do their best to do so, however, the majority of teachers’ time is taken up teaching and preparing for lessons. Teachers’ responsibilities extend beyond the classroom, and they may be unable to respond to you on the day a query is made. We have also agreed with staff that there is no expectation to respond to queries during their personal/family time (before 8:00am; after 5pm, and; over weekends and holidays).


Please use staff email addresses if you need to contact staff directly:

  • Teachers are not in a position to check emails consistently throughout the day and the school does not expect work email to be checked during a teacher’s personal time.
  • We aim to respond to you as soon as possible and within three working days. Part-time staff may take longer to reply.


Please use the main reception number (01223 262503) to leave a message for a teacher to contact you:

  • Reception staff will relay messages to teachers as soon as possible.
  • If a call is urgent, please inform the receptionist who will attempt to find a senior member of staff to speak to you.
  • We will try to respond to you within three working days, if not the same day.
  • Please note lessons will never be interrupted for teachers to take calls.


The day-to-day care, welfare and safety of your child is managed by the person who is placed closest to them. 

  • In the first instance, please approach the following members of staff who are responsible for your child in the following order:
  • Form Tutor or Classroom Teacher (if query is relevant to a specific subject)
  • Head of Year or Head of Department (if query is relevant to a specific subject)
  • Assistant Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Principal
  • Meetings should always be pre-arranged with members of staff.
  • If you urgently need to see someone, for instance if there is a serious family emergency or a safeguarding issue, please phone ahead and the reception staff will do their best to find a senior member of staff to see you. 
  • For non-urgent meetings we will aim to meet with you within five working days. The school will determine the level of urgency at its discretion, to enable it to manage multiple demands.
  • Teaching staff may wish the Head of their Department to be present to support, tutors their Head of Year.  All staff may request the presence of an SLG member in meetings.
  • For further information on complaints please refer to the CAM Academy Trust policy found here (

Contacting You

Our preferred method of contacting you is via email. We use a system called CombertonPost with general information for parents and students (you can access this here: It is important that you inform us as soon as possible of any changes to email addresses or phone numbers ( We produce a weekly student bulletin which has a calendar of events and information relating to the school, this is sent out weekly to parents and carers via CombertonPost.

Social Media

We use our social media channels to promote student achievements, subject information and generic educational information. We use Twitter (our main accounts are @CombertonVC  and @CombertonSF) which we update on a regular basis.

No Response

If you have not received a response from the school within three working days please contact the school in the first instance by calling the school reception and asking to speak to the member of staff. If you still haven’t managed to get a response then please email  and we will investigate your enquiry. Communication with parents and carers is important to us, and we will continue to monitor this guidance to improve the process further.