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An account will have been created for you on the school’s CombertonPost parent communication system. The school will use the system to send you emails (and occasionally text messages); it also provides you with a personal online 'mailbox' where you can always view a record of all your messages from the school and, where appropriate, complete simple reply forms. 

Publications with short messages from the school will come to your inbox using this email address. This will contain a link to the full publication with any documents and an opportunity to reply.

By default you will not need to login when clicking links from notification emails but you can also access your publications from any computer using the web address where you will then be asked to login with your email address and your password.

PASSWORD: To set your password please use this link or click ‘Request password reset’ from the Main Menu or login page, then follow the instructions in the email you receive.

SETTINGS AND PREFERENCES: At the end of every notification email there is a link to your settings. In particular you can change your password from the Settings area.

If you or any other adult with parental responsibility for a child at Comberton Village College or Comberton Sixth Form do not receive this message or it only comes to one of the addresses you had previously registered for Parentmail, please let us know by emailing giving your name, your child/ren’s name(s) and details of any e-mail addresses which are not receiving messages. Each adult with parental responsibility can have a maximum of two email addresses for CombertonPost.

If you have any difficulties please email