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UNICEF - Rights Respecting Schools

Update on Rights Respecting at CVC- Mrs M Burgess- Assistant Principal and RRSA Coordinator

We are continuing to work hard to ensure that the Rights of the Child are promoted, encouraged and understood at CVC. I am delighted to inform you that we have just signed up to take part in the UNICEF Outright campaign- the Outright campaign is an opportunity for young people all over the country to express their views on topics which matter to them and for these views to be taken seriously.

The resources for the 2020/21 campaign are all about climate change and how its impacts affect children’s rights: an issue we know children and young people are really passionate about! Children and young people who take part in the campaign will: 

  • Learn about climate change and it’s impacts
  • Learn how climate change and it’s impacts affect children’s rights
  • Use their voices to call on decision-makers to take actions on climate change that prioritise children’s rights

We will be sharing resources and materials with your sons and daughters regularly in Form Time/ virtual assemblies over the next few weeks with a view to continue to promote children’s rights all across the school.

If you would like to find out more about Outright, please click on the link below:

Best wishes

Mrs M Burgess

RRSA Coordinator