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UNICEF - Rights Respecting Schools

23rd January 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

On Friday 21st January 5 students from Comberton Village College and Comberton 6th Form took part in the first summit of the Cambridgeshire Students Forum- a programme led by Unloc. Unloc is an organization which aims is to develop young potential and offers students from schools and colleges in Cambridgeshire the opportunity to discuss matters important to them and make a difference in the communities they live in.

Unloc is passionate about giving young people a voice and ensuring that their voice is heard. This fits in really well with the ethos of CVC and Comberton 6th Form as we continue to promote the Rights of the Child as part of our RRSA work.

Our 5 students found the day really fun and interesting as you can see below:

“It was an extremely fun and interesting experience for me as I met a lot of new people from a variety of years and schools. We formed several groups all focusing on separate things to improve our schools which was really well organised and helped us understand others’ viewpoints and opinions”.

“It was a fun way to socialize with others and find people with similar interests, it had been a fun experience to also learn about one of the many companies specifically working to help our generation.”

“We should do human bingo in our classes!!”

Our 5 students met lots of other students from other schools and have started to establish some strong links with them with the aim to keep in touch and meet again at regular intervals throughout the year.

For more information on Unloc please visit:

Kind regards,


Mrs M Burgess

RRSA Coordinator