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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a centre of excellence for the education of students with autism. To offer them outstanding facilities in every respect, where they can develop independence and life skills, and integrate into mainstream education with the support they need to help them cope.

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn in a place where they feel safe and free from anxiety.  As well as a place of safety, we provide an environment of stimulation and challenge where students are able to engage in their interests and fulfill their academic and social potential; a place that offers them a sense of belonging and well-being; a place where they can grow into adulthood with the same expectations as everyone else and meet the challenges of 21st century life.  It is our goal is to help our students acquire the skills they need to do this. To achieve this, we offer support in mainstream lessons, small groups or on an individual basis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a broad and balanced education where students are supported to fully develop their academic and social potential.  We aim to meet their individual needs and to ensure they have the confidence and skill set to realise their ambitions.

Our aims are:

 To be a model of excellence for integration into mainstream school.

  • To provide a place of safety and belonging as well as a place of challenge.
  • To promote social communication and develop life skills.
  • To promote the use of person-centred learning plans to offer a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant education.
  • To provide effective guidance and realistic but challenging expectations using clear goals and a consistent approach.
  • To provide a place where each student is valued as an individual and given the support to help them cope with whatever they find challenging.

Enquiries re: Cabin on 01223 265539

The Cam Academy Trust Cabin Policy can be found here

 You can find out more at our Cabin website

Director of Cabin Provisions  

Peter Allcock


Head of Cabin 

Jane Hylton

Ext: 11088

Assistant Heads of Cabin 

KS4 and KS5, Elecia Page

Ext 11901


KS3,Josh Eke

Ext 11090

Year Group CSS




Year 7


Laura Pottinger
Julie Astles


Year 8   

Sarah Gosling     Christina Felstead


Year 9 


Alice Wood

Mary Moynihan


Year 10


Chrissie Haywood
Josie Allen


Year 11 


Charlotte Waine


Sixth Form CSS




David Mitchell



Anna Ashley



Ingrid Wall