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Personal Development and Character

At Comberton Village College, we plan our broad and balanced curriculum to develop our pupils’ character so that they become confident and capable members of society and caring members of our community. Our wide curriculum is planned to promote their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Through our academic and pastoral curriculum and the extensive experiences from our wide range of after school activities, trips and visits, we aim to enthuse, inspire and motivate and provide our pupils with the skills to enable them to stay safe and thrive in the modern world. Our extended curriculum compliments and enhances our academic and pastoral curricula, providing a range of subject specific, and other opportunities. It builds pupil-staff relationships, reinforces and enhances learning, develops skills and grows pupils’ cultural capital, as well as just being enjoyable and providing great opportunities to build and develop pupils’ friendships and interpersonal skills.

Our pupils have a huge number of opportunities to extend their learning through our many sporting, drama, musical, art, religious and social action clubs, as well as social opportunities for year groups to enjoy and a large number of residential trips and visits in this country and abroad. We always have a high uptake for our Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award programmes. We aim that these will engender important learning skills and a love for learning which will help our pupils to become lifelong learners.

We create multiple opportunities for pupil leadership both within and outside the classroom, including leaders in different subject areas, our school council, Year 11 prefect system, and Green Group. We strive to develop individuals who play a proactive role in providing support for their peers, whilst also representing the school in opportunities where they may tour / interview / debate with attending visitors. Through the ‘Comberton Extra’ scheme, pupils are able to log their own contributions both in school and in the local community.