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Remote learning

When pupils are required to move to remote learning, they should log into their tutor group Team at home at 8.25am each morning. Form tutors start a Team meeting at 8.30am, taking the register and checking that pupils are well. If pupils are ill, parents or carers must contact the school in the normal way.

The school day follows the normal school timetable. At the start of each lesson, pupils log onto their Class Team, teachers take a register and explain how the learning for the session will be structured. Our teachers choose the most effective means of delivery for what pupils need to learn, which will be whole class, group or independent work, for example.

We have made a series of tutorial videos to help you learn how to use the systems we use. You will find these below.

If you have any concerns, please contact your form tutor urgently. We all want you to do well and are here to support you.

Best wishes.

Mrs Lawrence

Deputy Principal

Forgotten your password?

  • Parent to email with the pupil’s name and year group
  • We will reset the pupil’s password by the next working day
  • We will then email the new password to first listed parental contact (for security reasons)

Logging in to Microsoft Office

This short video explains how to log in to Microsoft Office and to access your school email.

Using Microsoft Teams to join a live remote lesson

This short video explains how to join a live remote lesson, for example the 8:30am meeting with your tutor group.

There is a more detailed video available here.

Using the Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams and OneNote

This video goes in depth in to how to use the Class Notebook.

A printable guide is also to the left of this page. 

Using Assignments in Microsoft Teams

This short video explains how to use Assignments within Microsoft Teams.

Installing Office applications

Whilst using Office works very well through a web browser, it can be useful to install the applications, especially if you are working on a mobile device.

The first video explains how to do this on a Windows or Mac computer.

The second video explains how to do this on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad.

An additional video will show how to install this on an Android device. Coming soon!