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Consultation Outcome for Everton Heath Primary School

4th March 2019

This report is issued by The Cam Academy Trust on behalf of Comberton Village College in response to the consultation undertaken in respect of the proposal to include Everton Heath Primary School in the catchment area of Comberton Village College from September 2020.

Following a concern raised during the consultation period and for reasons of clarity and to ensure openness and understanding we wish to confirm that the proposal was for the Admission arrangements for Comberton Village College to be changed to include Everton Heath Primary School in their catchment area.

The consultation notice was published on the following websites: Comberton Village College, Everton Heath Primary School, The Cam Academy Trust, Cambridgeshire County Council and Central Bedfordshire Local Authority. 

Notices were also sent via email to all parents of both schools, as well as local primary and secondary schools in the region of EHPS and Comberton Village College.  Further notices were shared with local councillors and parish councils in these areas.

Summary of Responses 

A total of 16 responses were received; 14 for the proposal and 2 against.  A summary of these responses is detailed below.  

Response Received

Number of responses expressing the same or similar views

How has this been responded to?

In favour


No response required

Objection on the basis of congestion issues


An individual letter/email will be sent to the respondent

Objection on basis of impact on children living locally & what constitutes catchment area


An individual letter/email will be sent to the respondent


In response to concerns raised, we would like to clarify that the tie-break in the admissions policy states that should more applications be received than there are places under any of the over-subscription criteria, offers will be made in order of distance from the home address to the school.  This means that those living in the villages closer to Comberton would have an advantage over those living further afield. 

The college will continue to seek to ensure that all admissions catchment children will be admitted where possible.

The consultation report has been considered by the CVC Local Governing body who found that in light of the responses received they wish to proceed with the proposed change in the school’s catchment area.



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