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Covid 19 Catch Up Premium Spend

9th December 2020

Comberton Village College

Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium Spend

Planned Support Strategy Title

Description of School level strategy

Budgeted spend


Improving whole class Art and Photography teaching for year 11 pupils.

Devices will be purchased to support teaching of photography students at KS4.


Improving whole class Business Studies teaching for year 11 pupils.

Revsion workbooks will be purchased to support learning and revision. Purchase licences for This has video tutorials accompanied by questions and is suitable for both remote and on-site provision.


Improving whole class Drama teaching for year 11 pupils.

A subscription to Digital Theatre Plus will be purchased (Advised by all exam boards and drama bodies of its suitability for KS3,4 and 5).


Improving whole class DT teaching for key stage 4 pupils

Resources will be purchased to allow practical lessons under the new restrictions.


Improving whole class Engineering teaching for year 11 pupils.

Textbooks will be purchased to support learning, completion of coursework and revision.


Improving whole class English teaching for year 11 pupils.

Revision guides will be purchased for year 11 pupils.


Improve whole class teaching in MFL for year 11 pupils.

Purchase writing support guides for each pupil in year 11 to improve writing skills - an enhanced exam requirement.


Improving whole class Music teaching for year 11 pupils.

Purchase theory workbooks for Key Stage 4 to support and improve knowledge of musical theory. Part-time staff member to take on extra hours to support KS4 classes.


Improving whole class BTEC Sport teaching for year 11 pupils.

E-learning guides for BTEC Sport will be purchases to enhance teaching and learning for year 11.


Improving whole class PE teaching for year 11 pupils.

Devices will be purchased to provide video analysis of practical work. All moderation is now remote and requires all pupils to be videoed.


Improving whole class RPE teaching for year 11 pupils.

RPE textbooks will be purchased to improve teaching at KS4. Teaching staff will provide voice-over lectures for KS4 pupils to access at home to supplement their learning.


Improving whole class Science teaching for year 11 pupils and all of KS3.

Year 11 exam revision guides will be purchased to support learning and embed effective revision skills into class teaching, to aid with retrieval practice and improved exam outcomes. Each classroom will have a set of revision guides to use.  KS3 revision guides will also be purchased for this purpose.


Improving learning in our on-site alternative provision centre (the Green Room)

Purchase of resources such that the Green Room (behavioural intervention support room) may operate more effectively: Textbooks (£750), audio books (£400), 6 ipads (£2720) and laptops (£3500).



Targeted group teaching in Art for year 11.

The department will run Art and Photography catchup weekends for year 11.


Targeted group teaching in Computing for year 11.

1-2-1 intervention for pupils in Year 11 run by TAs. Online assessment tools will be used to monitor progress of pupils.


Targeted revision sessions and group teaching in English for year 11

English teaching staff to provide voiced PPTs for GCSE revision. Targeted pupils will receive 10 sessions delivered remotely by teaching staff, breakfast sessions delivered by 2 TAs / SCITT and PGCE students. + year 12 mentoring sessions.


Small group English tuition in years 7 to 11 from external tutors.

Previous CVC English teachers have been employed to offer small group tuition.


Targeted group teaching after school for Engineering pupils in year 11.

Technician to support with after school practical sessions run by teacher, working with small group of 1-5 students on R108 practical activities.


After school remote teaching in Geography for year 11.

The department staff will run remote sessions after school to enable pupils to revise / consolidate / build on existing knowledge.


Targeted 1-2-1 mentoring for year 11 Graphics pupils

Individual Mentoring and Support in lesson time to help students individually on their own unique coursework.


Targeted 1-2-1 / group teaching in History for year 11

One session a week for Year 11, initially over Teams in the evening, but possibly later run from 3-4pm by a PGCE student. 


Small group Maths tuition in years 7 - 11 through NTP

Small groups will be targeted by teaching staff and offered 15 sessions. To be coordinated by a member of teaching staff in the department.


Small group tuition in years 7 to 11 from existing Maths staff.

Under-allocated teaching staff to continue to provide intervention and mentoring during tutor time, during maths lessons and after school for more focused work.


1-2-1 peer Maths tuition for year 11 from year 12 students.

Year 12 students to provide tuition. Headsets have been purchased.


Targeted 1-2-1 / group teaching in MFL for year 11 (writing) and for year 9 (speaking).

Year 11: Head of Subject to offer small group intervention after school to support foundation and higher pupils in the increased requirements of the writing exam for 2021. Parts of year 11 lessons to be covered by a cover supervisor, to allow the teacher to work in small groups. Year 9: Class teachers to do 1-2-1 speaking work with pupils to improve speaking skill.


1-2-1 tutoring in Music and after school remote extended teaching in Music for year 11.

Mentoring sessions for year 11 from year 12 pupils. The year 11 music teacher will also run remote sessions after school to enable pupils to revise / consolidate / build on existing knowledge.


Targeted group teaching in BTEC PE for year 11.

3-1 mentoring sessions outside of school hours.


Targeted group teaching after school for Psychology pupils in year 11

2 x hour small group tuition delivered via Teams to a group of students by 2 teachers early January and February before the mock exams. 2 x after school sessions (1 x unit 1 and 1 x unit 2) of peer mentoring for identified Y11 students by Y12/13 students who did well in psychology GCSE.


Targeted 1-2-1 teaching in RPE for year 11.

1-2-1 intervention by PGCE students for year 11 pupils.


Targeted group sessions for pupils with SEND who have fallen behind.

TAs to provide extra sessions after school for SEND pupils to enable them to catch up.


Targeted 1-2-1 / group teaching in Science for year 11

Targeted 1-2-1 and small group support during tutor time by TAs to improve recall of science content and exam technique. In addition, science staff will provide extra sessions for year 11 pupils after school.

Some science teaching staff will provide extra tutoring in the evening.

£600 + £200 + £3400

Improving digital support for pupils with SEND who require exam access arrangements.

A Small bank of iPads with keyboards (approx. 10) to support KS4 pupils. This will entitle them to the use of one during their GCSEs.


Improving Key Stage 3 literacy through a structured literacy intervention programme

Purchase and use Accelerated Reader Programme. Pupils will be able to access this on iPads when these have been rolled out across KS3.


Improving Key Stage 3 literacy through structured reading support.

Purchase of reading books. In addition to the Accelerated Reader programme, all children across KS3 will be expected to read 9 ‘must read’ books. Each year group will have 30 copies of each book, with a further 5 copies in the library.



Provide training for exiting Hub staff to create sustainable, enhanced support

CBT training to enable delivery of interventions for students with anxiety – 3-day online training. MHFA training - 2-day online training.


Support for digital technology

2 moveable storage units to provide security for the iPads within English as well as recharging iPads.


Increase digital technology to support students' emotional and wellbeing needs in The Hub.

Increase IT provision in order to access remote counselling more flexibly - an ipad or additional laptop/chromebook.


Purchase of ipads to increase access to technology and support reading for disadvantaged pupils.

60 ipads will be purchased for use by disadvantaged pupils, allowing the Accelerated Reader programme to be taught in class and managed by English department. A reserve store of iPads will be purchased for sharing with families as circumstances at home change or new disadvantaged pupils arrive at CVC.


Purchase of dongles to ensure home internet access.

Dongles will be purchased to ensure all pupils have IT access at home.


Year 11 Easter holiday revision programme

Teaching staff to provide revision sessions.


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