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Report on Catch up funding 2020

16th November 2020


Priority Group / Area




Ability to access our on-line systems.

Ensure all pupils in KS3 and 4 have access to a suitable device on which to access all learning and upload work.

Purchase iPads and dongles for pupils.


£17,000 +

From Oct 2020

Improving Literacy

Purchase fiction books for KS3 pupils.



(£5 per book).

From Oct 2020

External English tuition

Two English tutors are working with individuals and groups of KS3 and 4 pupils to improve their progress in English.


From Sept 2020

External Maths tuition

A maths tutor has been employed to work with individuals and groups of pupils.


From Oct 2020

External Science tuition

A science teacher has been employed to work with individuals and groups of pupils.


From Nov 2020

Internal tuition for other subjects

Some of our teaching assistants will work additional hours (from 8.15am to 8.45am) in departments, supporting individuals and groups of pupils.



From Nov 2020

Year 12 CSF tuition

Year 12 students at CSF are providing subject specific tuition for KS3 pupils.







Year 11 revision sessions by subject staff

A programme of subject specific revision sessions for GCSE pupils is taking place from 3pm to 4pm.



Late afternoon webinars / subject specific tuition.

Subject staff are offering on-line webinars / tutorial sessions for GCSE pupils.



From Nov 2020

Holiday Catch Up Club

We are aiming to offer an Easter programme of catch-up tuition in Maths, English, Science and MFL.



From Mar 2021


We are providing an additional day of counselling time from our existing counsellors to fill the increasing need for support.



From Dec 2020

Tuition from PGCE students

Some of our PGCE students are providing extra tuition.

£20 per hour

From Dec 2020

National Tutoring Programme

Further tutors will be employed through the National Tutoring Programme (subjects involved being English, maths, science, MFL, geography and history).

These tutors will be used for pupils in years 7 to 10 who have fallen behind.

£10 per hour (number of hours tbc)

From Jan 2021


16th November 2020


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