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Extra Curricular

At Comberton Village College, we recognise that the learning within a school does not have to conform to the structure of the school day and therefore we strive to offer a comprehensive and engaging programme outside of the curriculum time. These opportunities are offered by staff and associates of the college, with the view to offering a broader experience of activities, competition or mastery. The extra-curricular menu is updated every half term, and there is a different programme offered at that the start of each term.

Please see the timetable at the link on the left hand side of this page.

For clubs that are offered within a Department, such as Music, Art and PE, information about clubs is given during the first lessons of the term (as well as sent out to parents).

For PE extra-curricular queries, please contact Mr Anderson at  

For clubs that are run by dedicated individual teachers, pupils are advised to simply turn up to sessions when they are running, or to contact them directly.

For any other non-urgent parental queries relating to extra-curricular lunchtime and after-school clubs (this does not include trips), please email Ms Jen Morgan at, who will respond within five working days.