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Comberton eXtra Reward Scheme

‘Making a Difference’


What is it?

The Comberton eXtra recognises and rewards pupils that do well in ‘Active participation and responsibility, beyond the curriculum, in and outside school’. CVC believes that active participation in the school or wider community will support pupil achievement.

How does the scheme work?

Pupils have twenty challenges, bespoke to year groups, which they need to complete and have verified by teachers/parents/carers across the academic year.

How long does it take to achieve a shirt/badge?

Each year group has twenty bespoke age group appropriate challenges. Pupils who complete 80% of those challenges in any given academic year receive a badge, and have their names placed in a yearly draw for 5 Comberton eXtra shirts. Pupils who complete all twenty challenges get a Comberton eXtra shirt.


Pupils will be able to access an online platform with their own record sheet which will also list the challenges for their year group. Tutors will be able to access their tutees record sheets. As challenges are completed, pupils will ‘tick’ the ‘completed box’. Some challenges will require parents/carers to access their child’s record box, through their child’s login, to ‘tick’ a parents/carer ‘completed box’. When a pupil has completed at least 80% of tasks parents/carer will be asked to send a verification email to their child’s tutor.