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CVC Music School

Instrument Tuition

The Music School offers all pupils from all years and abilities the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or enjoy extra-curricular activities. The school has developed and grown over many years and currently there are almost 200 pupils learning to play instruments, successfully passing exams and performing in concerts and productions.

Applications are welcome from pupils in all years at any time in the school year. If an instrument is oversubscribed, you may be placed on a waiting list until a space is available. For Transition year 6 pupils, a separate mailing will be sent during the Summer Term with all information required for registering for lessons.

Lessons are held during the normal school day. As pupils are required to come out of lessons to attend, they are timetabled by rotation on a given day that the tutor is teaching in school. 6th Form students are timetabled in non-curricular time.

Please take time to read the Information Booklet carefully before completing the Application Form. The take up of lessons is based on acceptance of the conditions under which lessons are offered.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email

Activities and Clubs 

We are very pleased to be able to announce our musical extra-curricular activity programme for all students from year 7 – 13.

Please ask your child to register interest by completing the form which is accessed by clicking on the name of the club in the table below.  This is via your child’s Office 365 login.   You can register for as many different clubs and activities as you wish. You can register for and attend as many different clubs and activities as you wish.

All students participating in any of the clubs are asked to contribute towards running costs. £10 per child or £12 per family for unlimited clubs per term, payable via ParentPay.  Financial assistance may be possible children registered for Free School Meals.  Please contact us in confidence about this. 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your son or daughter to the department to join in our activities!

The Music Department




Lunchtime 12.40 – 1.05pm


After School 3-4pm




Flute Choir (all years) in Mu 2


Soul Band (all Years) in Mu 1








String Ensemble (all years) in Mu 2


Samba Drumming  (all years) in Mu 1







Woodwind Ensemble (all years) in Mu 1




Orchestra (all years) in Mu 1






Brass Ensemble (all years) in Mu 1 Upper school Choir (9+) in Mu 2








Year 7 Choir in Mu 1



Big Band (all years) in Mu 1

For more information please contact