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Healthy Eating

There are 5 themes this year:

  • Focus on Fibre
  • Get at least 5 a day
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Vary your protein
  • Reduce Food Waste


We ask our pupils to think about the choices they make when choosing food in and out of school, as well as planning meals and actively deciding to cook, instead of relying on ultra-processed foods. 

If you would like to learn more about ultra-processed food, the following link is informative.

What is ultra-processed food? - BBC Food

The following programme, available on BBC iPlayer is well worth a watch too.

BBC iPlayer - What Are We Feeding Our Kids?

If you choose a packed lunch for your child, the following link has some sensible guidance

How the food we eat affects our brain

How the food we eat affects our gut


Over recent years, we have made significant changes to our catering provision at Comberton Village College to meet or exceed guidelines. We are committed to providing an excellent range of nutritious and satisfying products to choose from.

We want to reiterate the importance of making healthy choices during the day that would not only benefit pupil well- being but also their concentration and levels of fatigue.

  • Choose food items from the different food groups, in the correct proportions; base meals on starchy foods and have plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Limit the consumption of cakes, cookies and sweet treats; these should be occasional treats
  • Keep hydrated- drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Choose high fibre options where possible; wholemeal bread and wraps, vegetable crudités and houmous
  • Eat a “rainbow” of different fruits and vegetables
  • Use Active Form Time, break and lunch times as opportunities to move, stretch and exercise

We continue to take the health of our students very seriously and continue to educate them about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

There are also many helpful ideas on swapping food choices for healthier options and ideas for being active for 60 minutes a day at the following links:


Our Year 7s keep a heath tracker during Healthy Eating Week. This is a great thing to do together as a family. If you’d like to have a go, you can download the tracker here


If you would like try some recipes that link to the themes of Healthy Eating Week 2023, please follow the links below:

bean-and-plantain-stew-hew-23.docx (

easy-veg-frittatas-hew-23.docx (

fish-cakes-hew-23.docx (

fresh-and-fruity-veg-salad-hew-23.docx (

green-mac-and-cheese-hew-23.docx (

mexican-pockets-hew-23.docx (

mushroom-and-chickpea-curry-hew-23.docx (

quibe-hew-23.docx (

red-lentil-bake-hew-23.docx (

roast-chickpeas-hew-23.docx (

If you would like to learn more about Healthy Eating, or watch some cooking videos, prepared especially for cooking together at home, the link is below

Videos - themes and cooking - British Nutrition Foundation