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Welcome to the College Library and Resource Centre

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 4.00 pm

Joining the College Library:
All pupils and staff are automatically members of the College Library. There is no charge for borrowing books from the library, unless you lose or damage a book.
In the Library you will find:

Fiction (story books)
Mostly arranged by genre (category). Within these categories they are in alphabetical order, by the first three letters of the author's surname.
There are also a selection of graphic novels, fact encyclopaedias ( like the Guinness book of Records) and magazines which stay in the Library for reading at break and lunch time.

Non-Fiction (information books)
Arranged on the shelf by number using the Dewey Decimal System.
Each main subject has a number e.g. 500 General Science.
This is then subdivided For example: 510 Maths, 520 Astronomy, 530 Physics, 540 Chemistry.
You can use the decoder chart to help you find the number you require or ask the librarian for further details. Most of the non-fiction books can be borrowed but there are some for reference only (for example: dictionaries). These may be used for reference in the library, and are not to be taken away. (If you are unsure please do not be afraid to ask).

There are 30 computers networked and linked to the Internet, which you are able to use at break and lunch time with the facility to print. There are a further 10 computers in the Sixth Form section of the Library.

Before school, break, lunch -time and after school:
The Library is open at these times for general use. You can come in to use computers, do research for homework or read quietly. You may also borrow and return books during these times. Please note that all years have a social area and the Library should not be used as a meeting area. The Library code of conduct applies at all times.

Suggestion Box:
We have a suggestion box where you are welcome put any suggestions for books you would like us to buy. We can't guarantee to buy everything that you suggest but we will listen to your ideas.

Borrowing from the Library:
Most of the books are available for borrowing. Two fiction books and one non-fiction book may be borrowed for three weeks. Please return all items promptly. Items may be renewed providing they are not reserved. If a book that you would like to read is out on loan - ask the librarian to reserve it for you. You can then borrow the book as soon as it is returned. If you fail to return (or lose) the book, you may be asked to contribute towards the cost of replacing it. Please note we have a security system so all books must be booked in and out of the library either at the desk or using the self- checkout unit.

Events in the Library:
We regularly have authors visiting the school who are usually available at lunchtimes in the library for you to meet and buy a signed copy of their latest book. Book groups also meet for sessions to read and review books for book awards. We hold curriculum based competitions and national charity events throughout the year
Past visitors to the College Library have included actor Sir Ian McKellen(Lord of the Rings, X-Men etc) and authors William Hussey (the "Witchfinder" series), Marcus Sedgwick ("Book of Dead Days" and the Raven mysteries), author/cartoonist Glen Dakin("Candle Man")and author Chris Priestley (the "Tales of Terror" series). More recently we have welcomed Helen Moss (“Adventure Island” series), Chris d’Lacey (the “Last Dragon Chronicles” series) and Joseph Delaney (“ Spooks” series).

Leadership and Volunteering:
There are opportunities to volunteer in the Library to support the Duke of Edinburgh awards plus the school pin badge scheme. We welcome applications to become a Library Leader and offer a wide range of tasks to help students gain valuable experience for extra-curricular school achievements.

Book Donations 
The College Library welcomes book donations. We are always very grateful, especially for items suitable for lunch-time reading e.g. Guinness Book of World records and other interesting fact books. Any books which are unsuitable for school use will be passed onto to Save the Children bookshops.
We are also extending our selection of foreign language fiction to help support the curriculum and pupils who have English as an additional language and we would really appreciate a boost to this collection if you are able to help.
Following the closure of the school shop the library now holds a stock of stationery for all pupils, including folders & files etc. for 6th formers.
Stationery is available every day - before school, at break, lunchtimes and after school. We can only accept payment by cash or cheque only, unfortunately wisepay is not available for these items at present.
We carry all the usual essentials, including the calculator recommended by the College and clear plastic book protectors which are very popular and practical. An ‘exams’ pencil case with essential items will be available too.

Comberton Public Library:
Comberton Public Library is situated at the front of the College and is part of Cambridgeshire Libraries and Information Service. The library staff there can help you obtain any information available in libraries throughout Cambridgeshire. There is also a much larger library in Lion Yard, Cambridge.

Mrs Hack, Mrs Peck and Ms Spargo