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The School Day

School Timetable for 2022-23


08.30 – 08.45

Period 4

11.40 – 12.30

Period 1

08.50 – 09.40


12.30 – 13.10

Period 2

09.40 – 10.30

Period 5

13.10 – 14.00


10.30 – 10.45

Period 6

14.00 – 14.50

Period 3

10.50 – 11.40



School closure at short notice or as a result of unforeseen circumstances

On rare occasions it is possible that Comberton Village College may have to shut at short notice. This could be for a variety of reasons such as:

·         Extreme weather may make it impossible for enough staff to travel to school to provide adequate supervision of pupils. It may also make it impossible for pupils to be transported safely, particularly if the bus services are withdrawn.

·         A sustained disruption to water or power services may make it impossible to maintain safe and hygienic conditions.

·         The school may be advised to shut as a result of a medical situation such as an influenza pandemic.

When these situations occur it is essential that key decisions are made promptly and are communicated effectively.

Emergency closure prior to the start of the school day

The decision to close the school is to be made by the Principal in conjunction with the Deputy Principals. This decision is to be made in the light of all available information, including (for example) weather reports, travel reports, consultation with staff local to CVC, advice from the Health Protection Agency, advice from the Local Authority and other relevant sources. Wherever possible, this decision will be made before 7am to allow sufficient time to communicate this. Once the decision is made it will be communicated in the following ways:

·         An email will be sent from a senior member of staff to alert staff to this.

·         Local radio stations will be informed to broadcast this information.

·         Staff will be informed using a cascade system.

·         The county transport services will be informed.

·         The school website will have a message on the front page informing of the closure and any other relevant information.

·         Where possible parents will be contacted via CombertonPost.

·         The LA officer for the school will be informed.

·         The Chair of Governors will be informed.

·         Where possible key staff will get to school to inform those pupils and parents who do arrive at school that it is closed.

Emergency closure during the school day

This is extremely difficult to manage due to the various travel arrangements of pupils, many of whom are reliant on school buses which may not be able to arrive at school part way through the day. It is also the case that some pupils may not have appropriate supervision if sent home partway through the day and as such may be in a safer situation by staying at school. 

In the event that it is essential to close the school during the day then the decision and communication process will be as above. Prior to this (as part of the annual updating of contact details) parents will be asked to confirm travel and supervision arrangements for their children in the event of an emergency closure. In order to assess that pupils are able to safely return home, it will be necessary for lessons to be stopped and pupils to return to tutor groups. The tutor will then need to check the travel and supervision arrangements for pupils and keep a record of how pupils are getting home. These decisions will be made in consultation with a Head of Year or member of SLG. It may be necessary for a range of individual ‘phone conversations to take place. In the event that it is not possible to arrange for a pupil to safely leave the site the school will make whatever alternative supervision arrangements are possible to ensure their safety until it is possible for them to leave.

Providing work for pupils during an emergency school closure

During a school closure the website and Go4Schools will be used as the prime means of communicating with pupils. Where the closure is extended work will be set for pupils via the Go4S homework module or online sharing services (e.g.OneNote) 

Reopening the school

The decision to reopen the school will be made and communicated in the same way as the decision to close the school.