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There is a range of options for getting to Comberton Village College and Sixth Form and each has its own unique challenges and benefits.

The majority of students in Years 7-11 living in Comberton's catchment villages will get free bus transport will be provided by Cambridgeshire County Council if they are more than three miles from the college. Any queries about your child's pass or if it doesn't automatically arrive during the summer holidays should be directed to the council at or by telephoning 0345 045 5208. Lost passes must be replaced at a cost of £8.50 and this can be done online by clicking here A temporary pass can be obtained for a week while efforts are made to find the missing pass and then for a further 10 days on production of the receipt to show a replacement has been purchased.

Students living in other villages may be able to buy a seat on the network of buses contracted by Comberton Sixth Form or travel to school using public transport. The Comberton passes are paid for each term and should be collected by students in Years 7-11 from reception once the fare has been paid. Lost passes must be replaced at a cost of £2 which will be taken from a student's cashless catering card.

Students attending Comberton Sixth Form will have to organise and, where applicable, pay for transport in the majority of cases. Only students from low income families will qualify for subsidised travel. To see if you qualify, please click here  For further information on the services available please visit our Sixth Form website by clicking here.

For further information, bus company contact details and the latest timetables please click on the relevant document on the side of this page. All students should arrive at their stop five minutes before the scheduled departure time.

There is also a regular Stagecoach public bus service which serves Comberton. This is the 18 route between Drummer St Bus Station in Cambridge and Cambourne and the timetable is available here. Stagecoach has a range of options for regular users. However thes require  students to also carry an ID card. For those not in the sixth form, ID cards are available free of charge from Stagecoach. Send them a passport-style photo, first and surname, return address and the name of the school attended to Student ID, Stagecoach East, 100 Cowley Rd, Cambridge CB4 0DN. Comberton Sixth Formers can use their college ID cards alongside their season tickets.

If your bus does not arrive

If your bus fails to arrive you should wait 30 minutes before returning home. However, after 15 minutes please call the county council on 0345 045 5208 if you travel on a bus prefixed CB and followed by a number. The relevant bus company numbers are also available to download from this page. If you travel on a named bus provided by Comberton Village College and Sixth Form, please contact the bus company directly once the service is more than 15 minutes late.

Lost Property

If you/your child loses something on the bus then the chances arethat the driver will bring it on the next journey if they have found it. If any items are not claimed on the bus, they are handed to reception and will be put with the school's lost property.

However, you can also ring the bus company using their contact details which can be downloaded from this page. This document tells you which operator runs each service. It is not the school's responsibility to find or chase property lost by students.