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The CVC Uniform

Comberton Village College Uniform Policy

The school uniform at Comberton Village College is primarily focused on providing pupils with the following:

  • An easily distinguished attire which further enhances the safeguarding of children (both in school and whilst travelling to and from).
  • Promoting the ethos of the school and providing a sense of belonging.
  • Preparing pupils for the work setting.
  • A comfortable and durable clothing which is best suited to the learning environment of the College.

Pupils are expected to wear full uniform when in school, unless there are specific exceptions where there are genuine and accepted reasons for any variations (For example – temporary change to accommodate an injury, as appropriate). Uniform is expected to be worn during transport to and from school, particularly where this involves school or public bus services, travelling on foot or by bike/scooter.

Students not conforming to the expectations of the uniform will be sanctioned accordingly. This will be in line with the school’s Positive Behaviour policy and may be escalated for repeated uniform concerns.

All uniform items can be purchased from our supplier School Uniform Specialists If you are using School Uniform Specialists for the first time you will be asked for a code, which is COM902.

Please note that skirts and trousers should be purchased from our school suppliers.

CVC School Uniform Summary 

The uniform summary listed below demonstrates the school expectations of its pupils.


College polo shirt. Any garment worn under the polo shirt must not be visible whether the shirt is worn buttoned or unbuttoned. 


College sweatshirt. The college fleece can be worn over the college sweatshirt 


As sold by our supplier.   


As sold by our supplier and must touch the knee. New skirts are advised to cover the knee to allow for student growth. Logos will be required to be visible at bottom of the skirt, as sold by the supplier. These can be worn with plain tights and/or socks. Additional information regarding the specification for the wearing of sock and tights is included below.


These should be flat and all black (including soles). They should be suitable for movement around a large, busy school. They must be able to be securely fastened and worn accordingly. Backless sandals, mules, raised heels or boots are not acceptable. 


As sold by our supplier. They must be worn with socks which should be grey, black or white. 


These should be ankle length and in black, white or grey.


If worn these should be black or neutral and unpatterned. Leggings or footless tights are not acceptable. Where tights and socks are worn together, both must be all black. Combinations of colours are not permitted. 


The only jewellery permitted is one small, plain stud in each pierced ear. Nose studs and other facial piercings (including temporary blank/neutral retainers) are not acceptable.  

All jewellery and piercings must be completely removed for PE. Earrings cannot be taped or covered at any time within the school. Please ensure that new piercing is only done at the beginning of the summer holiday and not done within the academic year. 


Extreme haircuts as judged by the college are not acceptable. Shaven heads or any haircut which involves the shaving of lines or symbols, extreme coloration or particularly noticeable variations in colour or length will almost certainly be judged as extreme. 


Any make-up which is obvious and noticeable is not acceptable. Eyeliner, eye shadow, false eye lashes, nail-varnish, gel nails and false nails are not acceptable. 

Coats/outer layer: 

Any outside coat/outer layer should be plain and appropriate. Coats/outer layers can only be worn over the college sweatshirt and not instead of it.  The school fleece is the only outer garment that may be worn in the classroom. 


An apron will be required for the food and nutrition curriculum only. 

PE Department Kit Policy

Students must bring their PE kit to every PE lesson.  In the event that a student is unwell or injured, they should arrive with full PE kit and a note from their parent or carer. Staff will then support students in maintaining an active role within the lessons which considers the injury or illness which the student is suffering from. The CVC kit that students are required to wear is as follows: 

PE kit compulsory items for both boys and girls 

Navy PE shorts (no logo and not fitted)  

Sky blue CVC polo shirt 

Sky blue football/hockey socks 

Additional footwear that are not their current school shoes – they should be suitable for the sport.  

PE kit compulsory for boys 

Blue and gold CVC rugby top 

Optional items for boys and girls 

These are not compulsory items. Alternatives are not allowed. 

Navy blue CVC hoody 

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms (NOT sweatpants style and no (or very small) branding)

Navy blue baselayers 


See "Examples of PE Kit" attachment for pictorial guidelines


Optional item for girls 

Navy blue skort (Skirt must be longer than the shorts and only small or no branding)

Due to the nature of the activities in this subject, all students should have a separate pair of trainers which are in addition to their school shoes, pumps such as ‘Vans’ or ‘Converse’ are not adequate for PE and students should not be wearing their school shoes for PE. 

There may be some activities where students require specialist equipment.  Students should wear studded boots when participating in games on the school field, such as football and rugby.  We strongly recommend that students wear mouth guards when participating in rugby and hockey and that shin pads are essential when performing in football and hockey.   

Students are permitted to wear a small pair of studs in their ears while at school.  However, please be aware that all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.  This includes all piercings, plastic or metal and friendship bands. These items represent a potential hazard, not only to the wearer but also to other children. The Association for Physical Education Safe Practice confirms that any jewellery worn in Physical Education lessons is an unnecessary risk and should be avoided at all times. Serious accidents have occurred as a result of contact between pupils wearing earrings or studs with other pupils or equipment.  Taping over earrings is no longer a sufficient practice as it does not effectively prevent injury, particularly impact injuries.  With this in mind, we expect that students considering any piercings in the near future undertake them at the beginning of the summer break and not during the school year. It is not acceptable to wear piercings to school that cannot be removed. 

 Provisional Uniform Sales Dates 

All students are expected to attend school in full uniform. Our uniform supplier provides an online shop and twice a year offers a shop on site in the Performance Hall.  

School Uniform Specialists – Uniform Shop in The Performance Hall

2023-2024 Dates to be confirmed


Used Uniform Sale

Our next Used Uniform Sale is on Tuesday 2nd July from 5-6.30pm