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Year 9 2022-2023

Welcome to Year 9 at Comberton Village College.

Not only do we provide strong academic challenge through the variety of disciplines we teach, we also aim to develop our students into caring, confident and capable members of society and of our community. We want our students to have rich and enjoyable experiences at school and our curriculum is central to this (see our Year 9 curriculum booklet to the left of this page).

Year Pastoral team TG Room Tutor Attached staff
Year 9   C Sc4 Roisin Cox (M, Tu) Emily Goodson (Wed, Thu, Fr) Roisin Cox (Th, Fr)
DP Regina Lawrence O Sc11 Robert Law Victoria Edmans (Tu,W,Th) 
AP Nigel Carrick M Sc13 Stephen Winter Harriet Shipley (Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri)
HoY Marielle Burgess B Sc1 Katie Burden Lea Van De Graaf (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)
AHoY James  Roberts I Sc7 Matt Sammon Antony Collier (Wed, Thu, Fri)
A2HoY Catherine Fox E Sc12 Michael Wilce (Mon, Fri) / Kimberley Allen (Tue, Wed, Thu) Mike Wilce (Tue, Wed, Thu)
    R Sc5 Silouani Craveiro (Tu- Fri), Antony Collier (Mon)  
    T Sc2 Chloe Watts (Tu-Fri), Morag Gillings (M)  
Active form:  Tuesday N Sc3 Vicki Dunn (Mon, W,Th,Fri), Harriet Shipley (Tues)  
Assembly: Wednesday V Sc10 Clare Allinson