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Business Studies

Head of Department: Mr P Herbert

Business Studies helps pupils learn the skills for running a business, such as managing money, advertising and employing staff. This course is offered at Key Stage 4 only.

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What is GCSE Business Studies?

Would you like to set up your own business and be a successful entrepreneur? Would you like to be a manager in a business? Have you got an interest in the news and how the government and their policies affect your everyday life? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then Business Studies is the GCSE for you.

You will learn about how the world of business works and its relevance to almost every aspect of modern society. Amongst other topics, you will learn about planning, finance, marketing and economics and discover some of the methods and techniques used to analyse an organisation’s performance.

What skills will I develop?

We want our students to develop as independent learners and encourage them to use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts from opinions, form arguments and make informed judgements.

GCSE Business will also enable students to develop useful business skills and knowledge with Finance, Marketing and Human Resources.

What syllabus will I follow?

The Examination Board is AQA and the course code is 8132.  Further details can be found at

What will the course look like?

Students will learn about the purpose of business activity and the role of business enterprise and entrepreneurship, alongside the dynamic nature of business.

Students need to be aware of the impact that business has in the real world on the four functional areas of business:

  • Business operations
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Finance

You will encounter a variety of teaching methods including case studies, role-plays and ICT alongside more traditional methods.  Students will be expected to immerse themselves in a business-like mindset and to pay attention to the world around them.  For example, students would be expected to take note of relevant news items, which may be used as a basis for discussion and class work.

What homework will I get?

Students will complete a regular piece of business homework. These will be interesting and meaningful tasks which include case study questions, independent research, exam questions and additional reading.

How will I be assessed?

During the two years, students are assessed, by their teacher, at least once a term on their business knowledge and understanding of the key topics.  At the end of year 11 students are assessed by two written exam papers:

Written exam paper 1: Influences of operations and HRM on business activity (worth 50% of the final GCSE grade). 1h 45 mins.

Written exam paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity (worth 50% of the final GCSE grade). 1h 45 mins.

What jobs or further courses of study might this lead to?

This GCSE course opens exciting opportunities to study business-related subjects at A-level or as L3 BTEC here at Comberton Sixth Form.

We live in a corporate world and the markets operate around us constantly. Because of this, business is a universal subject. There are few, if any, careers for which an understanding of business would not be of some benefit.  Business studies is also a key to attaining highly paid and challenging roles in all levels of management.

Are there any entry requirements for this course?

Students are recommended to have a keen interest in the world of business and world-wide current affairs.

If I need additional support, what can I access?

Students will have access to a course textbook and useful revision materials, including access to our online virtual learning environment.  Additional exam revision sessions will also be offered prior to the unit examinations.

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