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If you would like to see what is studied in each subject and how this progresses across the Key Stages, please click on the dropdown arrow to the left of this page to view our curriculum map for each subject area.

Please click on the Key Stage link on the left, if you would like to view our whole curriculum offer for a particular year: Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Read on, if you would like to know detailed information on our curriculum rationale and organisation.

Comberton Village College is firmly committed to offering our students a broad and balanced curriculum. We see the curriculum as our most fundamental tool in ensuring that students can learn those concepts and access that body of knowledge that will see them succeed throughout their lives, including - but not limited to - at examination points. We endeavour to use our curriculum to address knowledge gaps, thereby removing the barriers that some students face, whether as a result of SEND, social disadvantage or prior learning.

Our curriculum is central to our commitment to enable children to succeed. We therefore offer a range of meaningful courses and qualifications to suit all our students, which is under continuing review. We believe fundamentally that children deserve to study a wide range of disciplines throughout a three-year Key Stage 3. Key Stage 4 options choices are made in Spring of Year 9, for study during a two-year Key Stage 4. We wholeheartedly embrace, for all students, the study of the arts (Music, Art and Drama), humanities (including Religion, Philosophy and Ethics), the sciences (including Computer Science), Modern Foreign Languages, Design Technology, PE and PSHE, alongside an appropriate allocation of time to Maths and English fully to teach these subjects in an academically rigorous way. 

Not only do we provide strong academic challenge through the disciplines we teach, we also aim to develop our students into confident and capable members of society and caring members of our community. Through suitable challenge to achieve as highly as they can, we want our students to become resilient and develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Through our academic and pastoral curriculum and the extensive experiences from our wide range of after school activities, trips and visits, we aim to enthuse, inspire and motivate and provide our students with the skills to enable them to stay safe and thrive in the modern world.

Key Stage 3 Offer: 

All pupils in years 7 to 9 study English (language and literature), Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Design and Technology, Computer Science, Geography, History, Expressive Arts (Art, Drama and Music), Physical Education, RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics) and PSHE. Where a pupil is unable to access the full curriculum for reasons such as SEND or medical reasons, a personalised curriculum is devised that may not include all the above subjects. Full details of what is taught to each year in each subject is available on the school website in the form of Parental Handbooks for each year in KS3.

Key Stage 4 Offer: 

All pupils study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Combined Sciences (unless taking Separate Sciences), and Physical Education. Religious & Philosophical Education, Citizenship, Careers education, Sex education, Work Related Learning and PSHE are all delivered through a mixture of cross curricular links and collapsed timetable conference days. 

All pupils in Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to study GCSE examinations (and other qualifications at an equivalent level) in a range of subjects. Pupils also have the opportunity to study additional GCSEs, for example Psychology, through our extra-curricular provision. The most able mathematicians may also be entered for further qualifications including GCSE Statistics.  Those pupils who wish to improve their mathematical skills may also access free tutoring outside of the school day.  Every pupil has access to a curriculum that is broad, balanced and provides a wide variety of choice for Post 16 Education. 

There is a strong and supportive pupil guidance process to assist pupils in making the best choices for courses to study in KS4. The school has a clear expectation that students should continue to study a Modern Foreign Language at KS4 unless there are exceptional reasons why that would not be appropriate; for a small number of KS4 students, additional literacy lessons are provided. Students opt for three subjects in addition to their MFL choice.

The school does not insist that every pupil chooses subjects to meet “EBacc” requirements, although a significant majority of students do this through their choices. The full details regarding the KS4 curriculum provision are set out each year in the options guidance booklet, which is available on our school website. 

Comberton Sixth Form (CSF)

Students applying to the CSF are able to access a wide range of A-level subjects and four Level 3 BTEC courses.  Most students study three A-levels but there is the opportunity to take four A-levels for suitably qualified students. As well as the A-levels or BTEC, students are encouraged to also take courses such as Core Maths, Global Perspectives (pre-U) and the Extended Project Qualification as well as an enrichment programme which includes many sporting activities. All students are assigned to a tutor group and receive regular support from the tutor though a combination of one-to-one tutorials and fortnightly group meetings.  In addition, all students partake in a Personal Development programme that includes aspects such as healthy lifestyles, relationships and driving awareness, as well as careers and university support.  

Extended Curriculum 

The school is committed to offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  Extra-curricular activities are on offer within most departments of the school, together with the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.  Pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and the timetable of available activities is published termly to both pupils and parents and is available on the school website. Where there are appropriate visits/trips, the school will endeavour to make it possible for all relevant pupils to attend. The Trips policy sets out our aims.