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Year 6 transition to Year 7

Transport update 

As in previous years, Year 6 in catchment children must apply to the county council for a pass – it will not be issued automatically.

Applications are now open and should be made as soon as possible.

This is the link:

The parents of all out-of-catchment students will be contacted separately about alternative paid-for bus options.

Schedule of communication to parents of students starting Year 7 in September

  • March - offers sent out to parents. Please accept or decline offers as soon as possible. Once a place has been accepted, we will register your email address on our email application called CombertonPost.  All information and forms that need to be completed will be sent out from this. Reallocation of places rejected at this stage will hopefully be made by the end of March.
  • Information Pack, Registration Form, Medical Form will be sent out in May.
  • Second round offers are sent out by the end of April.
  • May - Modern Foreign Language (MFL) choices; music lesson applications; Free School Meals (FSM) application forms
  • June - Transition Programme; bus pass application reminder; information on uniform sales. SENCo letters for relevant pupils.
  • End of June - Transition Day information
  • July - Tutor groupings
  • August - information sent to students offered places from Appeal process; finance information, how to pay for school catering, bus passes (where applicable) and lockers; Induction Day and Start of School Day info.

Please visit our essential information page for all you need to know. 

Further information is also available on the website here:

Further resources will be added here closer to the start of the school in September, but our key method of communication with you will be by email via CombertonPost.